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Yoga - Asanas & Pranayama

Among the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, Asana and Pranayama are taught at Sanjeevani.

Practice of Yoga - Asana & Pranayama complements Ayurvedic treatment. Yoga is taught for maintaining good health as well as for treating a variety of diseases. Asanas are done slowly with breathing co-ordination. Asanas & Pranayama are adapted to suit the individual and the disease. Diet is an essential part of Yoga practice.

Asana & Pranayama are taught for the following conditions / diseases :

  • Respiratory Problems : Yoga is very effective in treating respiratory problems like Asthma , Sinusitis, Nasal Block etc. Yoga also prevents the recurrence of Asthma.


  • Back Pain : A common ailment treated here through Yoga. Yoga plays an important role in treating different types of pain. Eg: Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Head ache, Frozen shoulder, Heel Pain, Slip-disc etc.,


  • Digestive Problems : Asana & Pranayama are taught to take care of digestive problems like Poor digestion, Poor Appetite, Constipation etc. Regular practice of these will promote digestion and tackles all digestion-related ailments.


  • Gynaecological Disorders : For variety of problems like amennorhoea, irregular menstruation, PCO, Scanty bleeding, PMS , discomforts during menopause, fibroids etc., texts recommend some specific asanas. These asanas are not only therapeutic, but meant to be practised by every menstruating woman to maintain healthy uterus. Some asanas, if started well before attaing puberty, will definitely keep the reproductive health of the girl in good shape.


  • Pregnancy / Post-natal care : Very specific Asanas & Pranayama are taught during pregnancy. This helps in easy child birth and takes care of various problems of pregnant women. After delivery, Asanas and Pranayama are taught to regain health & vitality to the mother. The practice also helps to reduce excess weight and strengthen the Abdominal muscles.  


  • Special Children : Asana & Pranayama are adapted for the condition of disadvantaged children. These children are also taught chanting of slokas while doing Asanas which helps them to focus in their activities.


  •  Life-style diseases : Yoga is taught for certain other conditions like Hyper-tension and Diabetes.


  • Maintenance of Health  : Yoga practice helps in developing resistance against diseases. Asanas and Pranayama to maintain good health is also taught at Sanjeevani.