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At Sanjeevani we treat

  • Respiratory Disorders : Asthma, cough, chronic nasal congestions, sinusitis, etc.
  • Digestive Disorders : Acute & chronic diarrhoea, impaired digestion,  piles, acute & chronic stomach pain, hyper-acidity, dysentry, constipation, etc.
  • Major Vata disorders : Joint pain, Back pain, Arthritis, SLE, Slip-Disc, Paralysis, Spondilitis, Neurological disorders etc.
  • Gynaecology : Irregular/painful/absence of menstruation, Excessive bleeding, Fibroid, PCO, PMS & infertility.
  • Epilepsy in children & adults.
  • Heart diseases
  • Pregnancy care :  Pregnancy care, Child-birth, Post Delivery care and Child care.
  • Children's diseases:   Common ailments of children and treatment for children with special needs.
  • Urinary disorders : Urinary stones, prostate gland enlargement, urinary tract infection, diabetes, Obstruction of Urine.
  • Skin diseases: Different kinds of Skin diseases including allergies, herpes etc.
  • Common complaints : Fevers, Head-aches, anaemia, jaundice, diseases of eyes, problems associated with ENT, obesity, Hyper-tension etc.

Note: Names of diseases are not from Ayurveda. Popular names are used for the convenience of the readers.


Diseases are curable and easier to treat if they are of recent onset. Simple ailments are usually treated with oral medication.

For chronic disorders, medicines are administered along with the appropriate Pancha Karma therapy.

For treatment of diseases and in maintenance of health, diet plays a vital role and it is an integral part of treatment.

A regulated practice of Asana & Pranayama is essential for maintaining good health. Asana & Pranayama are used in treating diseases.





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